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About Us

Hello, you've reached the Pixie Chicks...

Providing food lovers with spice rubs and blends that offer unique and popular flavor profiles since 2010!

Our spice blends are so much more than meat rubs-although we have those too and they're wildly popular!

We strive for unique flavors, and our blends are so versatile, they can be used as rubs for meats, fish and poultry, or as blends for everyday soups, dips, salad dressing, veggies, breads, dumplings and pretty much anything else. They're even great as finishing spices, replacing good old salt and pepper. Pixie Chicks Spices can be used in simple recipes, as rubs or seasonings. Or, for  more experienced or experimental cooks, they can be layered with more complex recipes.

Who are our loyal customers?

-experienced cooks looking for something new to add to their existing repertoire

-folks who are new on their cooking journey

-busy parents and professionals who want something fast, nutritious and tasty to flavor everyday meals

Our blends also make wonderful gifts at Christmas and other special occasions, and are popular as wedding favors, in gift baskets, and as a special way to share a little piece of the Westcoast. They’re also fantastic on camping and boating excursions!

And the best part is, there are no fillers or preservatives. Most of our blends are low in salt, and a couple have no salt. On top of that, all blends are Vegan & Vegetarian.

Pixie Chicks Spices would like to thank you, our very loyal customers for all your support over the past 11 years!


Hugs and Rubs xoxo
   Pixie Chicks Spices
   Victoria, BC

Established 2010